Finally got Lizzie bedded down in her new home – the bitch would NOT go in the trailer, the first time she’s ever done that. She’d get to the base of the ramp, and then try to wheel away and duck around the side, once almost squashing Phil against the trailer. And then we split a hose or did something to the radiator, and made quite an entrance, with steam pouring from the hood.

Very Beverly Hillbillies…watch out, the Clampetts have hit town. :(

As I was leaving the old barn, I saw a big horsebox in the parking lot, and someone was tacking up a gorgeous dun warmblood. It looked familiar, and then as someone threw the rider up on the horse’s back, I realised that he was Lee Pearson. I kind of hero-worship him – I think it’s amazing that someone with such a significant disability can ride so well, train horses to Grand Prix level, and win championships against able-bodied riders. (He has a condition that causes his muscles to grow as scar tissue.) Take a look at his site and read the “About Me” page…incredible.

3 thoughts on “Whew…”

  1. safe is good! radiator problems are not. I swear the horses know when it’s most vital to get into a trailer and toss fits then. Silly girl — but if she didn’t have such moods, you wouldn’t love her as much. Imagine having a boring old mare who just looks at you and does exactly as told. boooooring.

    I remember your posts about Lee earlier. Really amazing!!

  2. That’s true. I’d rather have a real “character” than a docile pushbutton horse. :)

    I think the thing that really reaches me about Lee is that there ARE NO EXCUSES. You can say that you don’t have the perfect rider’s body, or you don’t have the money for the best trainers and the best horses…but really, as people like him prove, there are no excuses. All it takes is will and determination.

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