It’s been a hell of a week. I’ve spent all day working madly, work through lunch, am surprised when 5:30 comes, and my commute takes one and a half hours in the morning and one hour at night. I haven’t ridden at all this week, as I am flat-out exhausted by the time I get home at 7:30 or 8:00. I’ve been trying to go through everyone’s LJ posts, but I doubt I’ve gone back far enough to really catch up.

The company that I’m working for is great, really nice people and they have an insane amount of business coming their way. So far I’ve done a usability redesign of one very important area of their home site, and done an enormous amount of work on the functionality spec for the new project, which will be massive. As soon as the decisions are made on the development platform and database, then I’ll start basic prototyping of the site (the bulk of the initial development will probably be outsourced). I’m itching to set up the dev box, CVS, etc., and start playing. :)

Question for any developers out there: if you start doing initial prototypes using MySQL, how difficult will it be to migrate to SQL Server or Oracle when the real work starts? Simple enough to make it worth getting a start on the templates, or is it better to wait and just wireframe things?

2 thoughts on “Whew…”

  1. I dont know anything about Oracle, but switching from MySQL to SQL server shouldn’t be difficult at all…

  2. Thanks – I would think it wouldn’t be prohibitively difficult, but I’ve never personally done it.

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