Where I Work

This is a shot of my desk. More specifically, this is a shot of the reminder that I’ve carried with me for longer than I can say – over twenty years, I would imagine. Everywhere I work, every computer desk, has had this saying displayed somewhere. It carries strata of ancient clear tape on the corners, and it’s creased. But it’s travelled with me through many US states, and now to England – everywhere that I call home, every workspace I’ve ever set up at home, has had this reminder displayed someplace.

desk1There is no defeat except from within.
There is really no insurmountable barrier
save your own inherent weakness of purpose.

2 thoughts on “Where I Work”

  1. Oh, no bigger picture for a sneak peek of what books do you keep on your desk! Thats what interests me most in worspace shots:-)
    Bsides, you have very tidy desktop (on-screen one I mean). No old docs lying unused, no dead icons, everything tidied and kept to the sides.

  2. I’m really tidy on the computer: gaming shortcuts to the right, work shortcuts to the left, nothing else onscreen.

    There’s a wall of books behind me, everything from fantasy to science fiction to mythology to suspense. The few on my desk are either technical (.NET, php, actionscript, Blender, etc.) or reference (mythology, Celtic fairy tales, etc.). There are also some game boxes, harp books, and books relating to projects: The Childrens Bluebird, Anne Bonny. I agree, I love seeing other people’s books.

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