When I Grow Up, Part 2

Ok, the last thread led to an interesting question:

Reality aside, what life would you like to have if you could live in a book, movie or other fictional work? Who would you be? What career would you have? I think this might give a truer insight into people’s hopes and dreams than the first question. After all, your career is a matter of those talents/skills you happen to have been gifted with, along with just sheer luck of the draw to a large extent. People tend to fall into careers, relationships, etc., and just stay with them…prehaps not totally content with the choice.

I would live in a fantasy novel, definitely. First choice: Be a Herald of Valdemar (Mercedes Lackey). Second choice: Telepath on Darkover (Marion Zimmer Bradley). Third choice: Dragonrider on Pern (Anne McCaffrey). Maybe first choice would be Charles de Lint’s Newford – I could be a Crow Girl! Gods, I don’t know. Anywhere/anything that wasn’t so mundane, I suppose. Xenobiologist. Heinlein-esque space explorer. Maskmaker on Tiamat.

We never really grow up, in our heart of hearts, do we? Thank god.

9 thoughts on “When I Grow Up, Part 2”

  1. I could see you as James Bond, definitely. I’m ignoring the comment about Angelina Jolie’s masseuse. (sp?) You know that that is MY job. Grrrrr….

  2. I think I’d want to live in Wonderland; I’ve always thought it sounded like a great place…have tea with the Mad Hatter, croquet with the Queen of Hearts..

  3. Yes! Wouldn’t that be great? I might go for the Narnia books, myself. Or better yet…an animal in Wind in the Willows. :) Any book where 9-to-5 jobs and mortgages don’t exist. Just my warm little burrow lined with bookshelves, and adventures with my friends in the fields and woods.

  4. Hmm something from a fictional work? One of the Rohirim in Middle Earth.. or perhaps Sherlock Holmes.. *ponder*

  5. If it were the Lord of the Rings, a Ranger of the North, please – one of Aragorns band; self sufficient, driven, a part of a small group who have to be able to rely on each other.

    I would love to be an Old One in “The Dark is Rising”; having powers with a purpose and a positive goal to aim towards. And I think law has the slight edge over chaos, and light is more important than dark.

    I would be a hawkman in Flash Gordon, because flight is freedom, and life is too short not to enjoy it with everything you have.

    A guardsman in Ankh Morpork? Perhaps a little too comedic, but they take a stand, and that’s important to me.

    Hi, by the way – I saw you’d friended me so popped over to make your aquaintance. I hope you’re enjoying my LJ.

  6. Hmmmn…I think that Holmes would be too lonely. It always made me sad that he was so alone. I would prefer a Porthos character: rollicking, drinking, wenching, ass-kicking, and always having fun. :)

  7. Old One…I read the Grey King years and years ago, but I don’t remember much of it. A Ranger of the North would be great.

    I am enjoying your journal very much. I’ve been peeking for awhile now. ;)

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