When I Dance In My Underwear, I Feel Like Madonna

The lesson last night was wonderful – aside from the one time that Lizzie spooked at one of the dogs and made a 15-foot flying leap into the centre of the arena, she was perfect. I’m working on riding her much more proactively, getting her butt under her, collecting that energy, getting her bounding underneath me like a rubber ball. Wonderful feeling. I did walk pirouettes while I was warming up, and lateral canter work. Lizzie was awesome.

I felt like Carl Hester. I felt so perfectly balanced with her, it felt as though we were dancing. My leg was long, I was attached to that saddle like a cowboy toy that slots into his horse’s saddle, I was finally learning to move parts of my body independently from one another. (For the non-riders out there, it is MUCH harder than patting your head and rubbing your stomach at the same time, but similar.) I didn’t look like Carl Hester, mind you…but in my heart I felt like it. I felt like one of those long, attenuated stick-insect people that you see in dressage competitions wearing second-skin white breeches, boots that cost more than my horse, perfect blonde chignons, and pearl studs in their ears. The ones on £25,000 horses trained by other people.

Lizzie and I will never be dressage queens. But last night, we danced. :)


Something funny for you, via Feministe, Eugene Mirman’s conversation with UAT Long Distance. Here is the MP3 of the conversation.

Eugene: AT&T sponsors child pornography?
UAT: No, that’s MCI.

hahahahaha…that made my morning.


Something else that amused me today, via : Rocky Horror Picture Show in 30 seconds, re-enacted by Bunnies. Perfect. :)

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