When Casual Becomes Slack

I’m still in a phase where I’m semi- burned out on gaming. I’m still enjoying my game card (thank you guys!!!), and have been doing Firelands dailies and levelling my shaman, who is within sniffing distance of 85. No raiding or even heroics, but still enjoying the game.

I’ve logged into Rift a few times, but haven’t done much playing. Server population seems to be pretty low, and unless you play at peak times, there isn’t a lot of activity. Now that server transfers are live, I did consider transferring to the English RP server…but decided not to because the capital cities were dead at peak times. Perhaps it was a bad night, but still…I was surprised and saddened.

The question is, after five plus years why is Warcraft still enjoyable for me (within my current VERY casual limits)? Why is Rift, which is a solid, fun game with developers who are breaking their asses to create new content, not enjoyable? I honestly don’t know. I’ve read a lot of blogs written by former Rift players who kind feel the same way. Great game, but meh.

I’d hate to lose my love for gaming – being a gamer is a large part of who I am. I think I’m just very wary of timesinks right now, and very stressed over looking for work. Or perhaps I’m just burned out.

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