What it’s like to be a game developer

I found this at lunch (presently eating a microwave meal at my desk. Oh, sure, the package said Antony Worrall Thompson on it, but he should be more careful what kind of crap he puts his name on. Could have used more flavour, more seasoning, and a hell of a lot more f-words) via the Madness & Games blog. Awesome. Classic. Perfect.

There was a photographer here this morning taking pics of everyone to accompany an article that they’re doing on the site. (Yeah, duh, of course we didn’t tell them about the current financial crisis – maybe an angel will swoop down from VC heaven and throw wads of cash at us. You never know.) We all grinned like monkeys and posed in front of screens showing the site. Meh…one for the scrapbook, alongside my “Women in IT” articles.

Not sure what I’m going to do right now. Get my personal site up and running again. Redo my CV. Start answering my mobile (I neverever answer calls from employment agencies, they’re always for programming languages I don’t know -and yes it DOES make a bloody difference- or for jobs at the other end of the country, or for “designer” jobs. Yes, that’s part of what I do…but pays a third of my salary.) Anyway, I need to start looking.

I signed up for Mt Hyjal tonight, and am on the reserve list. I don’t really have the gear for it, having switched mains so I could play my hunter. I haven’t read tactics or anything yet, so am admittedly unprepared. I just feel so blah about everything.

But spring is finally here, there are daffs out and the sun is (mostly) shining, so that is good. I always feel more hopeful in the spring.

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