What I’m Reading

…is the new Harry Potter! Woo hoo! :) Actually, I’ve been online looking for jobs, but I’m already at page 167 and trying to slow down. I don’t want to go through this too fast…I want to read it slowly. I’ve been waiting for this for ages.

On a side note, we STILL don’t have any hot water here. A full goddamn week. Kay is a sweet lady, and we’re trying to be patient, but really! She finally admitted to Phil today that she can’t afford to have the boiler fixed right now. I’m sorry, but really – NOT our problem.

Phil and I went out with the gang after work on Friday, and had a lot of fun – although my head is still hurting. We started at the Quiet Woman, and made ourselves very unpopular there. They don’t serve Snakebites, they only play jazz, and they don’t like Our Type of People there. Hmmmph. We then had flavoured gins at Der Engle (whatever it’s called), which has a laundry basket hung from the ceiling filled with shoes…if you order the really expensive beer in the expensive glasses, you have to put your shoes in the basket until you return the glass. No shit – I am NOT making this stuff up! Chocolate Gin rocks, by the way. We then went to the Mucky Duck (Black Swan) for pitchers of cocktails and spicy nuts. Phil and I begged off when everyone was headed for the Cock, and went home. I simply cannot powerdrink anymore.

Today we went shopping for a washer/dryer and fridge. We saw a girl walking down the street with her boyfriend, wearing a cropped top and the tiniest skirt I have ever seen. You could see the front of her thong underneath the skirt. The reason we could tell it was a thong was because you could see her, ah, cheeks in the back view. And we’re not talking about a fit, shapely girl, here. She had a big gut hanging over the skirt in front, and the ass wasn’t in any better shape.

How do people go out that way? Did she not have any mirrors where she lives? Did she actually stand in front of the mirror, give the beer gut and the gelatinous thighs a shimmy, and say “Damn! You are one HOT bitch!”

I repeat…it’s not big, and it’s not clever. lol….

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