What do you think?

Height: 16.1
Age 12
Sex Mare
Colour: Dark bay

PRICED TO SELL. I am having to sell due to increasing work committments. This non-mareish mare has three correct and extremely comfortable paces, and would make an ideal second horse for someone who wants to compete in dressage (unaffiliated / affiliated), ridden horse classes, or to ride for fun, hack etc. When I had time to compete, she was consistently placed in unaffiliated dressage competitions and has 8 British Dressage points at Novice level in few outings. Jumping is not my thing, but we have popped both cross country and show jump fences at local training grounds and on local farm rides. She is totally unphased about going out in the lorry and being ridden in different environments. She likes being worked, is keen to please and is ridden in a snaffle. Also traffic proof, and easy to do, box, shoe and clip. Passported and vaccinated.

I want to go and see her – I have a feeling about this horse. What do the horsey people here think of her conformation?

5 thoughts on “What do you think?”

  1. wandringsoul

    At the risk of being Mr Negative, you had a feeling about the (spelling warning in advance) chicana…til it promptly ‘tossed you off’ a couple of times!

    ; )

  2. catwithclaws

    cute! the monitors here at work make photos ultra dark, so I can’t see the angle of her shoulder. Legs look good enough. I’d like to see her back without the saddle – it’s a bit high on her which might be a bad fitting saddle or might be hidding a swayed back.

    looking at it, I think the saddle is just to far foward on her and riding up on the withers. bad placement makes her look funky. Suspect she’s fine :)

    she sounds very ideal for you :)

  3. Thanks – I like her. I do hate it, however, when people photograph their horses with tack on. It makes me wonder what they’re trying to mask.

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