6 thoughts on “WFT?”

  1. most (sensible) browsers will retain the text if you do an [ALT]-[left cursor] or even use the back button on the browser … This has been my saviour on many an occasion.

  2. Bum… I’ve taken to copying and pasting long entries into notebook these days. I’ve lost a few entries recently. LJ needs to sort itself out!

  3. I did try that – usually it works, but sometimes (as in last night) it was just gone. Not that it was a really profound entry of anything (that would be a first!) but I’d nattered on about Doctor Who and Farscape and TV in general, and it wasn’t worth re-writing. :(

  4. I know that I should – write it in a text editor, then paste it into LJ, but for most entries it seems like too much trouble. And then you lose them now and again. :(

  5. heh funny (well, not really), but this happened to me the other night. Actually it was MY computer’s fault, not LJ. Typed a big post about something and wanted to post a link to some cool flash site, so I GO to the site, and the flash locks up my entire computer and so my post is lost, hmm oh well. I can’t even remember what site it was now, hehe, but if I do I’ll post it again :). I rebooted and retyped my post, and then forgot to post the URL, hehe.

  6. Have you tried any of the downloadable clients? Might help in this situation as you can save a draft before you post. I like Semagic. It’s mostly shiny.

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