Well Done You!

Well, I made it through! Well done me. (I’ve been listening to Graham Norton in the mornings on the way to work, and “Well done you” is my new favourite phrase. It’s a very British, somewhat camp phrase.) This is the last day of working through lunch, my stomach eating itself, feeling as though I’m walking around with a big whip to beat people with. “Work harder! Work faster! I want that code!”

Yesterday on the way home I passed a banner advertising “Summer Fairy Camp! Learn to be a Fairy!” and all I could think was, I would love to go to Fairy Camp. When I was six I would have moved heaven and earth to go to fairy camp, and even now the thought makes me smile.

Age of Conan: Rise of the Godslayer released, and due to servers being down, etc., I haven’t had a chance to play yet. I honestly was gobsmacked by the fact that there is no new starting area. There is a new race, but you still have to face Tortage for the first 20 levels. Perhaps I hadn’t read the articles closely enough, but I was totally certain that there was going to be a new starting area. I’ve seen Tortage so many times that I would almost prefer to stick a pencil in my eye rather than do it again.

A Demonologist in Conan can set things on fire. They roll around and scream and try to beat the flames out, finally subsiding into a pile of charcoal. It’s very satisfying when you come home from a day of wanting to set people on fire at work. And in my head I can hear this weird Beavis and Butthead “Fire! Fire! Fire!” refrain. Yeah, that’s pretty bizarre, I admit.

My Tempest of Set is level 44, and I am totally and completely lost on her. I was doing some gathering in Poitain, and the mobs that appear when you mine killed me twice. Twice. I logged out.

Although I haven’t been doing much gaming recently, I have gone back to Runes of Magic and had an enjoyable time. I started a priest/knight, and enjoyed her enough to actually buy a horse for her. Part of the reason why I bought the horse was to stick two fingers up at Allods Online*. I have no problem with paying for vanity items in a well-planned cash shop. The horse was worth it, both to make travel a bit faster but also to support a well-made game that didn’t rip me off. Well done, Frogster! (See how that works?)

Well, back to my last day of hell.

*Another UK thing. One finger, US. Two fingers, like a backwards peace sign, UK.

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