I’m feeling a bit better this today. This was a horrendous week. Bank holiday on Monday, but we’ll be there at work, slogging away at the site.

This morning I went on a proper ride on Kip; Lindy was kind enough to take Prince out with us to act as a babysitter for Kip. He was fine, aside from trying to take bites out of Prince when he had the chance – that’s gratitude for you! No motorcycles or anything really scary, but a lot of cars and several steep roads – I need to get road studs on him before I do much more of this.

Phil’s birthday present arrived in time, and he hefted the Amazon box and guessed immediately what he got. (XBox and two games.) Bugger. We had thought about going to Chatsworth tomorrow, but I don’t think we’ll have the time or energy, since I have to get the message boards, games and webcam pages working on the radio contest site. :(

Not looking forward to going back to work on Monday. I’m shagged out, and not in a fun way. But soon it will all be done, and I’ll be thinking about vacation time. First home to the States to see my family, and next to either Portugal or France. I can’t wait.

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  1. target dates never seem to turn out well :-( but at least you get to watch ‘someone’ do a little running ;-P

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