Weekend Update

Stilll raining.

lol…ok, so a bit more has happened other than that. :) We tried to see Lost in Translation, but we were too late and missed it. :( On the way back to the car, Phil noticed that someone had broken the jaguar ornament thing off the hood of his car.

I’m going to move Kip to a new barn – woo hoo! This is a mainly-adult liveries-only barn, not a riding stable. It’s a very old working farm, with immense stone barns, large stalls, a HUGE indoor arena with rubber footing and acres of pasture. It feels very good. It’s DIY, though, which won’t be great, but I’ll just have to find a way to work the schedule. And it will be a LOT cheaper.

Other than that, I haven’t done much, which feels very good. I spent several hours sitting with a stack of new library books and a series of vodka and pepsi…that probably sounds disgusting, but it’s my favourite. :)

Some times I think I could do nothing but hole up by myself and read, rather like the old Twilight Zone episode about the guy that only wanted to be left alone with his books, and everyone else died/disappeared so he got his wish, but then he broke his glasses. It was something like that. Anyway, books are the one thing that I could never give up.

5 thoughts on “Weekend Update”

  1. congrats on a new place for Kip! The last place seemed to turn worse every time there was potential for being better. I’d have hurt someone there long ago if I’d been there.

    Do they feed at least? DIY for feeding too would be impossible :S

  2. Nope, nothing. :( People over here tend to work pretty close to home, so they evidently have time to feed before work and feed/muck/ride after. It’s different than in the States, where everyone seems to be an hour’s drive from work, and all the barns seem to be full care. I’ll just have to give him a shitload (technical horse term) of hay to see him through each evening, then in the morning I can just throw him out in the pasture and go on to work.

  3. Well, I’ve a horse that requires twice daily medication to stay alive, so I am one of those who visits her horse on a regular basis. I go to work too early to visit the stables but I have a friend who doses Ally on the way home from work (he does graveyards) in the morning.

    Mostly, I think of all the horses in the barn would throw fits if they were fed at different times. Of course, half of them (60) are school horses, so if they got fed and all the private horses were sitting there… ooo havoc would ensue :)

    I’d be surprised if no one is involved in helping eachother out there. Brits aren’t THAT unfriendly, really! A sort of, if you feed mine in the morning, I’ll feed yours at night? Good luck regardless.

    ps. I hope it’s closer to where you live/work than the last place?

  4. What you need is a blanket, a big comfy couch with someone to lean back against and have his arm around you while you read and he does whatever…

    Hmm i wonder where you can find one of those… :}

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