Weekend Reading

I had a very relaxing weekend with a huuuuge pile of books and a warm fire against the rainy days outside.My trawls through the used bookstores had netted the Lionboy books by Zizou Corder (quite nice) along with an armful of suspense novels.

I’m getting ready to face the implementation phase of my freelance gig, and really dreading it – I estimated that I could do the required two weeks of work needed prior to the go-live date easily…but that was when I wasn’t working. Doing it in the evenings is going to be miserable.

But hey, it’s money.  :)

I did an amusing series of missions in EVE which involved several courier missions regarding a certain spoilt heiress, including one mining one because she desired a bed made entirely of a certain mineral. The final one, after the reading of her grandfather’s will, involved carrying out her grandfather’s final wishes and blowing her private transport out of the sky because she’d been such a disappointment to the family. lol…Paris, watch out.  :D

I tried to do some of the Nobelgarden quests in Warcraft, but there was so much competition for eggs, and my abysmal luck holds true…I hate seasonal achievements because I can never, ever get the right drops. In game, as well as in life, I have terrible luck.

I finally had enough gold to purchase dual-spec for Kitsune, and did beastmastery as my seconday spec since I am dying to tame Gondria. That is one gorgeous pet. I’m sure my bad luck will hold there as well – I’ve never once spotted any of the rare hunter pets. But we shall see.

I started doing a Tai Chi dvd workout yesterday for fitness and stress management. Felt a bit like a tit initially, but then got into the flow of the movements…quite nice, actually. I think I’ll have some more of that, please.

And that was my weekend.

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