Weekend, at Last

the week has ended on a much better note than my last entry. Work is finally
moving along, and although tired after a long week, I feel good. Phil and I
went out in Leek this morning, as I wanted to show him all my favorite places
(discovered on my long lunchtime walks) and my favorite park – and it rained!
Of course, as soon as we got back to Congleton, the sun came out. There you

What else is happening? I worked on a CD presentation this week, which was an interesting project. As soon as I shoot the video interview section and add music, I’ll be done. Phil is doing very well at his job; they are so happy with his work that soon he’ll be producing his own commercials. He’s very excited. The bathroom is finally almost finished. (Not banging my toes on the damn ladder is a GOOD thing!) Here is a picture of it.

Not much else to tell. Things are good…

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