Week Off

Well, thank GOD that week is over. I’ve taken next week off; I’d been saving my remaining holiday for Christmas, but since I’m unlikely to still be there at Christmas, I may as well take it now.

Lizzie, after a week of inactivity, danced and squealed all the way to the outdoor arena. Poor thing. I couldn’t really turn her out this week because it was so dark, and the fireworks really set her off. I’ll probably tranq her tonight, just to be safe. After several hours of turnout, I rode her, still very slowly and gently, but doing some periods at trot and canter. She seemed to be fine, although she’s terribly out of shape.

I’m sending out my CV to pick up some freelance and contract work, as well as looking at more permanent positions. Good response so far. I won’t say anymore here, since this isn’t a locked post.

I really hate locked/friends-only posts. It seems dishonest, in a way. The whole purpose for keeping an online journal is to be open and honest about personal things, and if you are going to keep it friends-only, you may as well just keep a traditional journal locked in the bottom of your underwear drawer. Just my opinion, but that is why I so rarely do friends-only posts.

I hurt my back while mucking out this morning – I was bent over, and heard/felt a HUGE “pop” in my lower back. It’s very stiff and sore. :(

Well, enough triviality.

Oh, I read a great line last week in Christopher Moore’s Practical Demonkeeping. A tough old barmaid, red lipstick, rhinestone glasses, smokers rasp, was described as the “queen of the lipstick lizards.” I loved that. :)

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