wee and small

I just got a new monitor at work. It’s a nice one, a widescreen ViewSonic. The trouble is, the software insists that everything will look like chicken-scratches in a muddy yard unless I set the resolution to 1920×1280. And everything is so, so tiny. Fixed-width sites look like slender trees swaying in the middle of an empty plain. And all you people who specify a font size in your stylesheets?  I have one word for you: USE PERCENTAGES! Ok, that was two words, but still…I’m slowly going blind, I have little squint lines that I can feel forming, and I’m getting a headache.

There are nose smudges on the screen…

9 thoughts on “wee and small”

  1. Can’t help you there I’m sorry :( Only advice I can offer is blow your nose before you sit down at your desk :) /hugs

  2. Nice acquisition Ravven.

    So you defend fluid layouts and percentage font size?

    I agree with fluid but using % font size wont break design?
    And modern browsers can zoom the entire layout and text.


  3. lol@Sinnir!

    And Anok – no, I don’t design for fluid layouts anymore (although I miss them). But I always use fonts that can scale for accessibility. Yes, on occasion they’ll break the design, but I don’t think you should take away people’s ability to have really huge fonts if needed.

    I don’t want to override font settings, or have extralarge fonts set on my machine – for my job, it’s important to be able to see sites as they were intended. I just haven’t found a happy medium yet. :/

  4. Hmm, I see what you mean Ravven.
    Check http://www.vivabit.com they did a good job on a flexible layout.

    About WoW: On my server it’s very rare to see someone using the “looking for group” interface. Why is that? I need grouping for the elite quests, maybe its everyone on their 80’s and im the only one left… xD

  5. That’s a nice, clean design – nice to see sites that validate as well (or come close to it).

    No one seems to use LFG – although you do see tons of people in Trade or General who want to put groups together, but you have to whisper them your stats and Epic acheivement first. :)

  6. To judge that you have a certain level of gear – Epic is having every slot filled with gear of at least level 213. It doesn’t mean that you’re a good player, though – we’ve all met plenty of well-geared idiots.

  7. Well Anok, LFG interface is not working as intended.
    Sometimes I am getting urge to PuG something. Lately, on my paladin healer I listed myself available for hero TOC – but I quickly withdrew seeing that there are 4 dks, 2 paladins and lone mage wanting to dps there, and no one else.
    Getting anyone for lower level content is next to impossible. Much better tactics would be just asking people in general channel of your zone. And if your advert shows more commitment than “LFG [questname]” or “Anyone for Ring of Blood?” you have better chances to get someone. At least on RP server it seems to work better.
    Ah, and “link achievement” thing is out of control. One day after patch went live, trade was full of people advertising “LF dps ToC hero, link Achiev”.

  8. Yes, the achievement thing really irritates me – especially since I know some of the people saying that, and I know for a fact that they’re total idiots who I wouldn’t want to run a pug with.

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