Warm Again…that’s worth something, anyway

The plumber finally managed to fix the combi-boiler, so we have heat again. Although the pump will need to be replaced soon. But at least we’re warm again.

Phil brought home two ferrets the other night – very sweet. The are sables (what they call “polecat” over here), one male and one female. We’re discussing names.

Couldn’t sleep at all last night. I sat up and read for ages, until I got too cold and had to come back to bed. Things aren’t great here, and are worse at work…yesterday I found out that someone (in the fucking COMPUTER department!!!) had gone back and replaced all the FrontPage crap and background tiles that I had spent days stripping out. I thought about leaving his pages, as they were unreadable, but I was kind enough to work late stripping them out again. We’re having a talk this morning, though.

I just want to get through the week…

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