Warhammer…still having fun

Since I finally gave up fighting the EA Store on cancelling my preorder (they have a very successful customer service policy of ignoring people until they go away, unlike Play.com where I cancelled online without problem), I’ve been playing out my free trial…and having an inordinate amount of fun.

Would I have paid for a subscription (even if GOA hadn’t designed an insecure, bug-ridden site completely in Flash that I would never, under any circumstances, enter a credit card number into)?  Honestly, no. It’s lovely for a casual-friendly game, but Guild Wars is almost as fun, graphically just as good, and it’s free. Even if I was working, I couldn’t justify yet another hefty monthly subscription fee.

Right now, however, when we’re both really down (and quite honestly have a lot of free time), it’s been wonderful. I’ve been really enjoying my Disciple of Khaine, and she’s levelling at a decent pace. I also have a Shadow Warrior, but I haven’t clicked with her as much. The Public Quests are as awesome as everyone says, and pvp can actually be fun.

I’ll miss her when I have to put her away…

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