Warhammer at Last

No raiding for a few days, as we have good friends staying with us throught the end of the week. Lots of XBox and Warhammer…since I now have a version installed on my machine, courtesy of Raz, and also his beta account in lieu of my broken one.

It’s actually a lot of fun so far. I’ve been trying different classes to see which ones I like best. My first one was Shadow Warrior, which has a lot of potential but felt weak, as I kept getting one-shotted by half-naked girls (Witch Elfs). I made my next character a Witch Elf, and died just as much if not more than I did on the Shadow Warrior…I have to admit that I suck.  :D

The environments are quite pretty, but the character models have much to be desired. They are brighter and flatter than the environments, looking a bit like they were cut out and dropped on top of the environment. Some of the casting animations need work, and the run animation looks a bit like moonwalking, as though the character isn’t connecting with the ground. Aside from that, I quite like it. The quests are the usual ten-rats type of quests, the Public Quests rock, and the RvR is a lot of fun.

Would I pay for a subscription?  Probably not. But I’m enjoying a couple of days in the beta all the same.

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