Warcraft Woes

I’ve been struggling with an infuriating issue with Warcraft for a month or so now. Recently it’s gotten worse, to the point where it affects most of the characters that I want to play. My bank alt can stand around IF enjoying 40-60 fps even with everyone around him, but can I play a main? Not without everything looking like a series of photographs. It’s even a problem with brand new characters.

On some characters (not all, just some) I experience very low fps (9-12) and drawn-out, stuttering sound – to the point where the game is unplayable. I’ve tried everything:

  • Full reformat and reinstall of my operating system
  • Full download and fresh reinstall of Warcraft
  • Playing without any addons at all
  • Updated all drivers, including scary motherboard drivers

At this point, I’m out of options. :( It’s possible the powersupply isn’t powering the graphics card sufficiently, but aside from that I’ve no idea. It’s a decent spec, with a good graphics card and a lot of RAM. Frustrating in the extreme.

I joined SINGLE ABSTRACT NOUN, and they’re a very social, literate group of gamers – I highly recommend stopping by and saying hi if you can. I’ll be the one getting killed because of my terrible lag. :D

EDIT: And after weeks of frustration, and not one but THREE support tickets, I seem to have fixed it. (Please don’t let me have jinxed it by saying that!) For some reason, enabling 3D sound fixes the low framerate. Thank all the gods for Teh Internets and the ONE PERSON IN THE ENTIRE WORLD who had the same problem and posted how they fixed it. One. Person. Bless you.

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