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After not logging in to Warcraft for simply ages, I logged in on a bank alt, checked how many people from the guild were on, saw that there were approximately 5,000 people online who hadn’t seen me in ages, and chickened out.  :D  I got a wild hair and decided to do a faction change on my baby paladin to a belf. (I’ll make my grand entrance on my main early in the morning sometime.)

Ah….sweetie?  That £15 charge on the account?  That’s what that was. *hides*

I’ve been a bit burned out in Aion. I was 34 all of this week, and then this morning I finally ground the last 1/3 level to 35. It was hard. Now, I don’t mind hard, but it was also boring. And that is another thing entirely. So, I decided to take a break for a bit, and logged back into Warcraft.

The thing that I didn’t expect about faction change, but should have?  All my quests, of course, have disappeared. (Obviously.)  Where do level 56 Horde pallies get all their quests?  I haven’t the slightest idea.  lol…

Her feet are bare. Do blood elves have bare feet?  I don’t remember that. I know my troll always did, of course – but I seem to remember proper boots on my low-level belfs. Maybe it’s just the ones that I’m wearing. Maybe it’s because she had bare feet, I mean hooves, as a Draenei. But she looks like a poor orphan chile.

My map is blank. This is sort of a pain, and sort of cool because discovery is one of the things that I love about exploration in MMOs – it’s rather like those maps of the States that you used to get at the library as a kid, and you got to fill the States in with stickers by checking out books, or doing reports, or something.

I did some Halloween quests, flew to Winterspring, and logged off…happy that I was now a skanky, stick insect blood elf rather than a blue space goat.  :D

Oh, yes – Happy Halloween to you all. We’re the house with all the lights off in the front room, hiding from trick-or-treaters. Hey, in our neighborhood all we get are vaguely threatening, spotty teens in hoodies, anyway.

3 thoughts on “Warcraft Faction Change”

  1. I so feel a connection.

    Just 2 days ago I changed my draenei shaman to a troll and I am in love now, he is so much more fun now than bland Mary Sue he was before. Being 80 I don’t have problem with maps or quests thou.

    Trick or treating is pretty much shunned here (catholic country) but just a hour ago two sweet kids knocked here, all painted and dressed, so we took them and sacrificed to Pumpkin Jack, err, I mean, we gave them candy. Teens in hoodies keep out of here, as our neigbour is ex-policeman and is known for short temper for hooligans:-)

    Last but not least, I am happy that you follow the trend of my friends being bit tired and burned with Aion. Seriously follow my advice and get into casual but well-managed guild, which clears content, stays out of hard modes unless overgearing them by far and have general fun with WoW. Not that I ever got into one, so that advice may be bit flawed:-)

  2. On where to go on the Paladin, it’s Pretty much the same for the horde that you went on alliance leveling up, just different outposts. EPL, WPL, Silithis. When you hit 58 head out outland, you’re pretty close!

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