War Zone

It sounds like a war zone here. Our neighbors on both sides are letting off fireworks non-stop in the small lane that runs between all the back gardens. The ferrets were terrified, and kept trying to climb my arms for security. (I felt bad – I was still dressed in work clothing when I let them out, and I couldn’t allow them to shelter in my arms. Ferrets are cute, but STINKY.) I keep running outside to make sure that no one is trying to bother them.

That said, I wish there was a bonfire/”official” fireworks display tonight. :( There may have been one on Saturday, and we just missed it. It was pouring last year, and we just watched from our windows – we lived next to the park.

I went out walking at work, just to get away from the office for a bit, and met two of the people from the fencing club. We talked for a bit, and then they invited me back to their house for coffee and cake. It was very, very nice – they are an interesting, intelligent couple. I’d been feeling lonely recently, and it was nice to meet someone so open and friendly.

Phil just brought the ferrets in. Normally they aren’t allowed in the house, but they were so frightened. Stinky weasels, running around the computer room. I love these guys! :)

6 thoughts on “War Zone”

  1. ferrets do look cute, but my recolections of the ones we had on the farm are that they bite, maybe yours are a bit more domesticated?

  2. wandringsoul

    Ours don’t bite at all – except when they’re play wrestling, and even then they just grab hold enough to let you know they win…and let go…I think if they’re hand-reared they’re very happy around people…

  3. You have to let them put their teeth on you – it’s how ferrets play. But you teach them as babies that they have to bite you a lot more gently than they do each other. I’ve never been bitten by a ferret other than babies, and one very ill ferret. Beanie, one of our males, had a weird period that he went through, but I think it was a mating thing. He never did it to Phil, only to me.

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