War Zone

Another grey, coldish day, a stingy and badtempered day. Did I mention that I hate February?

I worked Kip in the outside arena as planned, despite the fact that I’d forgotten that it was the day of the monthly thrice-damned shoot. Assholes. I’m sorry, I know that there is a current vendetta against the countryside, and I feel that I should support all country issues and pursuits, but really…people shouldn’t be shooting guns several hundred yards from a stableyard. Despite the noise, Kip was controllable, but very tense. The most that I could do with him was to get him relaxed enough to lower his head and work rounder by the end of the session. Hey, if I ever want to sell him as a police horse, he’ll be ready. ;)

If our livery costs weren’t so very low for the area, especially considering that we have an indoor arena and extensive pastures, I’d be tempted to be a bitch and ask for a rebate for every day that I was unable to ride because the owner had rented the arena out, or the one day a month that the shoot turns the area into a war zone. But our board is quite reasonable, and it’s one of the best facilities in the area, so I won’t.

Phil was trying to be nice last night, and when we went out to rent a video, offered to stop by the Chinese place so I could get something for dinner (he won’t eat any type of ethnic food, so I never get to eat out and have Thai or Chinese or Italian, etc.). I think I shocked him when I ordered enough food for several people, or several days…crab meat and sweetcorn soup, lemon chicken, satay chicken, fried rice, prawn crackers. Yum. :)

I wish that I could be in New Orleans for Mardi Gras. *sigh* Someday… Someday also for Carnivale in Venice, when I’m much more affluent than I am now.

6 thoughts on “War Zone”

  1. I could not live without my ethnic food. I love curries and stir fries and cajun food.I think I only eat traditional british food once a week.

  2. God, me too – Thai is my favourite food, Italian is what I cook best (but Phil won’t eat it) and I really, really miss good Mexican food. Southwestern food, as well…if you’ve ever travelled through New Mexico, you’ll know that the state question is “Green or red?” referring to the green or red chiles used. Mmmmmnn…my mouth is watering. Fried plantains, red beans and rice, and real Key Lime pie. You shouldn’t eat that anywhere but Dade Country, Florida – it should be a law.

    Lol…don’t get me started on food!

  3. wandringsoul

    “won’t eat”

    I think you mean ‘can’t eat’…how many of those establishments have the kind of food preparation regimes that I need in order to know I won’t die?

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