Walking Dead

It’s nice to be working again.  :)  I’ve done no gaming at all, except for a quick Sarth 3D run tonight, but then I left early because I was so shattered. My baby pally hit 40 last weekend, and now she is going to have a nice long (probably indefinite) holiday. I’m going to log in tonight to EVE to say hi to everyone, but I think it’s another early night.

I’m turning into an old fart.

And you kids…STAY OFF MY GRASS!!!  Or I’ll hit you with my cane.  :D

4 thoughts on “Walking Dead”

  1. Come on, you will get used to new rhytm.
    Before kids, Eve usually went to sleep around 10PM, claiming that she simply needs 8+hours of sleep.
    Now, when evening is only children-free part of the day, I haven’t seen her hitting the hay before 12PM:-)

  2. Man, I can’t wait to be NOT working again.

    Just gotta hang in there four more years. Just four more years…

  3. @TFM – Yes, I plan to be back on a regular schedule from now on. It’s just new jobs…and the fact that I was out of work for so long. :)

    @Ty – I used to be one of those people who said “If I won the lottery, I would definitely keep working” because I’d always worked and I don’t respect people who don’t. But you know what? Aside from the quite scary financial situation, I kept busy and productive (I did a metric buttload of artwork) and if I ever DID win the lottery I would be quite happy to travel and do creative projects. My mind didn’t turn to mush when I was out of work, quite the opposite.

  4. I think people who can’t keep themselves busy without a job have a grievous lack of imagination. Clearly, that is not your problem.

    And my deal with my wife is that since I’m putting her through school, once she graduates, I never have to work again as long as I’m going to school and/or writing.

    Also, I’ve agreed to do the cooking and cleaning, but I don’t find that onerous.

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