Wacom Cintiq

I am consumed by want. This is so much money, and yet I am consumed by total lust. I have a Wacom Intuos, and it’s nice – but there is such a disconnect between physically drawing on a tablet while you look at a computer screen.

Hmmnn…a freelance job would do it.  Must think about this, for it will be mine.

Oh yes, it will be mine.

7 thoughts on “Wacom Cintiq”

  1. well, it’s normal for people to be consumed by wants. but since if u r a gamer and an artist, why not convert ur wants into money making generator?

  2. Yes, please visit our spam site and sign up for a scam!


    I do hope you get this thing, because maybe it will mean lots of new art updates.

  3. Sure, that’s what you’d like me to believe, right up until you ask for my credit card!!!

    Well, I apologize to Renaye if I jumped the gun. My bad.

  4. lol – just read these. :) Good luck to anyone trying to scam my pathetic maxed out credit card. :D

    And yes, I plan on, I mean hope, I mean think about doing more art updates. Someday. ;)

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