Quick hello. In a few minutes R. and K., two of Phil’s SOCOM buddies, will be over for the afternoon. Phil is making turkey. This has been a very busy weekend, with a trip to Crewe to buy a Wintec GP (they didn’t have any with CAIR, boo, but I was too impatient to wait for one online so I bought one anyway, with new girth and spiffy new white pad). Housecleaning sucks. The weather sucks as well.

I was working Kip in the indoor arena this morning, and he was very spooky because the wind sounded as though it was trying to rip the roof off, and a guy slid open the small side door (metal, very rattly), sending Kip into this massive sideways leap, from the rail to the middle of the arena with one jump. The boy can be QUITE athletic when he wants to. ;)

Last night I woke up when something ran diagonally underneath the bed. Sounded like a monkey holding on upside down, going from slat to slat. Very spooky. Probably just the remnants of a dream, but it was quite scary to wake up to.

Ooops – they’re here. :)

2 thoughts on “Vrroooooooom….”

  1. Clan members – SOCOM II. He’s met some very nice people; we’re planning a paintball day, etc.

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