Victory Is Mine


Well, it took ordering another copy directly from NCsoft, but I have my beta code!  I was so excited this morning. I’ll write about it later, as we have a lot of errands for today, but so far:

  • Aion2Very nice character customisation (everything still looks very Korean, but I quite like that). Lots of prettiness, as in Guild Wars. Difficult to get really red hair, it ends up lo0king sort of apricot.
  • Starting area much as you would assume for any MMO, with the kill-ten-whatevers quests. But it’s beautiful, so beautiful.
  • Auto run! Thank all the gods for that. I hate click-to-move.
  • Mobs hit a lot harder than in most MMO starting areas – I died once (shameful) just because I wasn’t watching my health, being used to mobs falling over if you breathe on them in the Wow starting areas.
  • Did I mention that it was pretty?  And I can run it with everything turned up to the max.
  • No voiceovers yet that I’ve heard. And my character makes rather disturbing yipping sounds as she fights – that schoolgirl fetish thing. She sounds like a precocious five year old.

We have a doctor in town who practices traditional Chinese medicine, and I stopped by there this morning to make an appointment for my depression, lethargy, and general feelings of exhaustion that have been making life worth nothing. He was very nice, although overly polite in that very Chinese way that I, as a Westerner, always tend to want to translate as nervousness or apology – although it’s not really that. He looked at my tongue, asked me some questions, made an appointment for a proper exam in a week to be accompanied by acupuncture, and gave me some energy and diet supplements and teas.

We shall see. :)


2 thoughts on “Victory Is Mine”

  1. Apparently voiceovers are on the “coming very soon” list, as they’re working on localisation at the moment. What server/char are you on? :)

  2. Sorry for not replying earlier, I’ve been playing during every free moment (damn the lack of time this weekend!). :)

    I’ve been playing on -what is it, the top one in the list- Azreal? Something like that. And mainly versions of Ravven or Kitsune, or Shrike, or Lyrissa. I wanted to try all of the classes and see how they felt.

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