vet update

My vet did the scan on Lizzie, and he says that the lumps are just large cysts. The larger but less raised one in the girth area is a bit of a concern, but perhaps with a more heavily-padded girth she’ll be fine. That’s good news, and a huge relief.

P. just ordered a 32″ widescreen HD ready LCD TV, so that we can not watch TV on that rather than not watching it on our old one. :P (Just giving you a hard time, babe!)

Not much else to tell, aside from me going home sick on Thursday and working from home on Friday. I think it was just old-fashioned nervous exhaustion. That sounds very dated and silly, but I think that’s what I was feeling: quite ill with a tremendous headache, very sick, painful stomach, and general dizziness and fatigue. I feel better now, although the pressure from work is still there.

The weather has been gorgeous, quite a perfect English summer. This is such a lovely, lovely country.

Back to work – no rest for the wicked, or even the slightly naughty.

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