Very Tired….

At 2:00 yesterday I thought to myself that I could not sit at my desk another minute, and I would never make it until 5:00. At almost 6:00 I was still there. I went home, we got chicken and theraputic/comfortfood battered Mars bars from the chippy, we threw the ferrets some mince and tried to avoid their accusing eyes when they didn’t get out for a run, and then we vegged in front of the TV with two (not one, but TWO) bottles of wine and watched Dogma, one of my favourite movies. Mmmnn, Alan Rickman.

Still tired this morning, two sites have to go live on Monday, so a lot of computer work to do. After I have a shower and wake up a bit, we’re going to walk down, get Phil’s hair cut, and then I have a riding lesson this afternoon.

Fencing again on Monday, the radio contest site will need tweaking and updating all week and hopefully the server will be able to handle the traffic…and the college has inspection. Gods. Nineteen inspectors poking into every corner, watching classes, talking to everyone. The school has been in a panic, and management has been having meetings, instructing us in what to say. I have the employer database and profile area to demonstrate at a meeting Tuesday night. And the house is a mess, as I’ve been too tired to do anything.

Just let me get through this week…

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  1. hey, I’m sure you’ll make it. Just have some good sleep, and drive on :) you’ll be fine.

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