*very sweet*

Yesterday we tried to drive into work, and turned around about two miles away from home – visibility was very low, and the car was sliding all over the road in the snow and ice. We managed to find a pub car park to turn around in without getting stuck, and headed back…only to realise that the very scary narrow downhill lanes were now uphill. In a car that can barely keep on a flat section of road, much less make it up a hill.

On the very steep lane coming into our village, the car was kind of crab-walking sideways as it struggled for purchase. We were in the opposite lane (fortunately the oncoming cars were waiting for us) when a red van charged around the outside, driving OVER THE SIDEWALK ON THE OPPOSITE SIDE. All I could see was red van side, and somehow he didn’t hit us.

Sir, you are a tard and an asshat.

That night P. and I walked to the hospital to visit his grandfather, who fell ill over the holidays. He is, what, 97 or 98, and he and P’s grandmother have never been parted throughout their entire marriage, so the days he has spent in the hospital have been quite difficult on them both. (She hasn’t been able to visit due to the snow and the steepness and iciness of their drive – impossible for her to walk down unless someone can make it up to the house and pick her up.)

We gave him a mobile so that he could speak to her, and sat there trying not to overtly listen to the conversation…but it was so sweet. He told her that it felt wrong because he kept reaching out to her side of the bed during the night, and she wasn’t there. Awww…after 70-something years of marriage. So lovely.

“Don’t fret – we will meet again” he said to reassure her.


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