Very Blustery Weekend

Although it’s better this morning, the wind here has been incredible. Riding in the indoor arena is interesting, to say the least, as the loose corrugated steel panel on the side makes a noise like something being pounded with a sledgehammer by a giant. Kip is calm, but most of the other horses have been unrideable.

I tried to lunge him in the outdoor yesterday, but gave up within five minutes because the wind kept ripping my glasses off and it pulled the lunge line so hard that his bit was pulled halfway through his mouth.

This morning it was calmer, and I went with a group of others out for a longish ride. Kip was good, and didn’t feel the need to nap when going out with the others in a nice, safe group. For all of his huge size, though, he’s the slowest damn horse, and everyone had to stop periodically to allow us to catch up. *sigh*

This afternoon I’m spending with several books on PHP and MySQL. Hey, do I lead an exciting life or what? :)

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