Very Blustery Day

Interesting ride out this morning – all the horses were like kites, trying to sail away in the wind. Orchid backed up and kicked Kip in the chest with both feet, and then as we were trotting, trying to get off a busy main road, some stupid cow thrust her double baby stroller covered with crinkly plastic out into the road in front of the horses, sending them all leaping out into oncoming traffic. Idiot. As we were coming home, there was a mobile and a portaloo in front of a building site, and all the horses were dancing and snorting at the loo. Of course, a workman pops out of it suddenly, and all three horses performed an amazing, choreographed leap in perfect sync, up out of the road, over the grass verge, all landing on the sidewalk. It would have been funny had they not all tried to take off after that. *sigh*

I want to start work on our back garden. I use the word garden loosely, of course, since it’s more of a small, walled courtyard. I think I’d like to do an Alice in Wonderland themed garden, with those standard roses in white and red (the kind that have a trunk, and then a ball of branches and flowers at the top). That would be fun. We need to re-do the fence, though, since the winter winds tried to blow it down and it’s leaning.

Well, I’m off to pick up my new glasses (I wanted something different and went for those narrow, rectangular, black-framed kind) and also to look for books. I go through so many of them that I have to scour the used book stores; its an expensive habit. The local library kept losing the books that I KNOW we’d brought back, so I won’t rent from there any more.

lovely, lovely weekend, no work, la la la…

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