Vanity Pets

I just got sidetracked by Icanhascheezburger as I logged in to post. Now I don’t remember what no-doubt very profound and relevant thing I was going to write about. Too much stress can do that to one, or so I hear. :)

So, instead, I want to write about vanity pets, which is what Kit is currently collecting. Daily quests have gone by the wayside (I’ll never be able to afford that epic flying mount, anyway). With the Valentine’s quest comes Peddlefeet, the quite scary-looking goblin cupid, who lookes as though he would prefer to jab someone in the ass with an arrow rather than shoot them with silver bolts like your more polite, decorous putti. He’s so evil, I really have to have one.

The trouble is, I seemed destined for the Lonely Hearts Club in Azeroth. Every character that I try to give love tokens away on gets her heart broken, without fail. I fail at love, evidently. (In game, of course…yesterday I got a very lovely bouquet and a superb steak and champagne dinner, followed by cuddles in red satin sheets.) The evil goblin of love continues to elude me as I make my pathetic, cheap-cologne-sodden rounds of the guards in Stormwind.

I’m also trying to grind Sporregar rep for the Tiny Sporebat pet. Having totally skipped Sporregar while levelling on Kit, I was just barely into Neutral, so I’ve been killing Boglords and so on. Although I don’t hold much hope of getting one, I’m trying to make this time do double pet-grinding utility by also killing all the Bogflare Needlers I can in hopes of getting a Firefly drop. What pet would be cooler for a rabid Firefly fan that that? :)

One of my favourite pets is the Sprite Darter Hatchling. It’s not a pet that suits the no-nonsense Kit, but Ravven is usually with hers.

And aside from grinding for pets? A bit of raiding, and a lot of personal time taken off recently for chilling with a DVD, or reading. I’m reading Stephen King’s newest at the moment (Duma Key) and really enjoying it. It’s so nice to see him really back again after the accident. It’s not the same type of book that he normally writes, and in all honesty he may never be that writer again. But it’s a good book, and it was worth buying in hardcover. And that, I suppose, is the test of a book? Would you buy it, and keep it? Does it deserve a home, so that you can read it again some time? It does, and I very much welcome one of my favourite writers back again.

Well, back to work. It’s Friday, and I’m looking forward to being off work, chilling in my reading chair by the fire with a glass of wine. And maybe, just maybe, tonight I’ll be lucky in love and those cold-hearted guards won’t just laugh at me and break my heart. I tell you, it’s like being in highschool all over again. :)

2 thoughts on “Vanity Pets”

  1. The cold-hearted guards won’t pay attention to you? I find that hard to believe. Take off your helmet and let them see that long beautiful hair of yours! Perhaps you should make your way into a local fencing guild. I am sure that the young maitre d’armes will have no choice to fall in love with you… once more…

  2. As it happens, one of the guards DID grant me my pet. The hair in game is long, yes…but white rather than red. And the ears are just slightly different. :D

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