Valentine’s Day: Paris

Phil and I had discussed going to Paris for Valentine’s Day. Flights were cheap, neither of us had ever been, and it would have been very romantic. However, real life intervened, our bank account was cleaned out by car problems and vet bills for ferrets, so we couldn’t afford it. We bought each other flowers and chocolates and stuffed red devils (Horny Devils, of course). Phil cooked a gorgeous steak dinner. When it was ready, he asked me to leave the room for several minutes. I waited on the stairs, and went back in to find…Paris.

Ok, it wasn’t Paris, but it was a VERY sweet try at the next best thing. There was a handcoloured French flag flying, and cheesy french music on the stereo (borrowed from Phil’s work). Wonderful. He is such a sweetie at times…whenever I’m down, he’s there. He makes me laugh, and he makes me happy when nothing else can.

I love you, babe.

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