Omigod…I went to the pub for an extended lunch. Liquid lunch, as it were. Inspection is over (and I can’t write about the results under pain of death for six weeks), and we were celebrating. B. was the culprit, the one who bought me the second glass of wine. J. was the one who bought the first big-ass glass of wine. Peer pressure…it’s a terrible thing. lol…I can’t believe that I am totally shitfaced, writing a blog entry…from work…at 2:something in the afternoon! This is going to be really embarrassing later on. And we have the mandatory buffet at 3:00. Yaay. The Principal of the College was here in our staffroom when I got in. I am having trouble spelling. It was all their fault, I swear…bad influences, they’re all around me.

Best goddamn day I’ve had at work so far…

2 thoughts on “Urp…”

  1. mercury_realm

    *grins-welcome to the UK, many a Friday afternoon has gone by in a blur after a liquid lunch. You’ll be asleep by 4pm;)

  2. I am such a cheap date…I can’t drink at lunchtime at all, or I’ll be useless for the rest of the day. :) I don’t know how people do it!

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