I love upsideclown. Gorgeous essays/stories/blog entries…whatever you would call them, most of them are extremely well written. This one was very good.

“…Each page that she reads provides more insight into her condition and further recognition into what she is. In the few hours that she has been in the coffee shop Zofie has been shown the nature of her self, the consequences if left unchecked, and the long but uplifting road to salvation. She is unexpectedly reminded of a scene in her favourite teen vampire film: the beautiful blond man with his gang on a California beach, leather trenchcoat blowing in the sea breeze and blood dripping down his chin, as he tells his newest cowering recruit ‘Now you know what we are. Now you know what you are’. Now she knows what she is.”

Not much else happening today. I’m back at work, doing things veeeerrrry slowly since net access is limping along. Nothing interesting, and I am very bored.

I did a lot of work on SpiralDance this weekend, incorporating a version of one of the Zen Garden CSS layouts. None of the archived material has been updated as of yet, but that will be a long, drawn-out process. The tarot reading section is working, but I still need to do the postcard section.

I think I’ll run down to the Co-op and see if there is any Liquid Rocket Fuel. I think the techs could use some, and I know I could.

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