Updates…House Woes

We’ve been looking at houses. This was sparked by finding (almost) the perfect house. The location wasn’t great, as it was in Mow Cop (small village, inconvenient for commuting) and next to the pub. But it was huge, and old, and loaded with possibilities. We wanted it. So, we toddled down to the bank, as they had assured us on the phone that we could do a 100% mortgage for that amount. They lied. What they were willing to do was give us £85k, with a separate personal loan for the rest…bringing our monthly payments to over £750 per month, along with another £100 or so for the Council tax. Impossible. So, we are still looking, although our taste WAY outstrips our finances. I need a better-paying job.

Otherwise, not much happening. My skin is going nuts for some reason (stress?) and I am scratching until it bleeds; I have little scabs everywhere. Not pretty. Sorry if that was too much information.

Went to an E-Learning Advisory Council meeting yesterday; veryvery boring, although I am passionately interested in e-learning. Spent the afternoon there, and got back fairly late.

Not much else to tell…just trolling the estate agents’ sites looking for houses that aren’t tatty little terraced horrors. :(

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  1. Tatty little terraced horrors…I like that phrasing…but you may want to elaborate on ‘terraced’…

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