Updates: Raiding

We’re still wiping on Huhu in AQ40, and while new bosses are interesting, wipe runs are never fun. I still don’t have a bug mount. *pout*

Not much happening in game otherwise…my hunter on Moonglade is still 51, my mage is levelling tailoring but not much else, and since I dinged 50 I haven’t done much PvP. I need to go back and do some more…it’s not as though I was winning everything single-handedly even when I was still in the 40-49 bracket. :P

I’ve started an Orc warrior, and I’ve been having fun with her. I do love alts the best of all…as boring as the starting areas are, I still like starting new characters. I can’t wait for BC.

Ho-hum…half an hour, then the commute home. Stable, dinner, then game. I need to get out more. :D

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