Updates: 3D Work

I’ve been playing with 3D work for some time now – not creating my own models from scratch (yet!), but instead working with models and environments in Daz Studio. It’s coming along, and I’m having a lot of fun although I don’t get enough time to devote to it.

The main reason why I started working in 3D was to add some life and action to models for book cover work – most stock is created for fashion or advertising, and the models show it. Stiff poses don’t make for dynamic book covers, so adding a CGI element allows me to create more of an action pose and pair that with a photographic model’s face, hair, etc. It’s interesting and I think it has potential.

I’ve started a small commercial stock portfolio with some of my work which can be seen here: Ravven Stock on Depositphotos.

In my free time (yeah, right! /cry) I’ve also used them in art projects, which you can see here. :)

4 thoughts on “Updates: 3D Work”

  1. HOLY BANANAS, WOMAN! Those stock image photos are SPECTACULAR and soooooo much better than what I’ve seen others post. I think the big advantage you have over the other 3D models up for sale is you give texture to your models. They don’t look like cartoons. Well done!!

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