Due to the lack of internet access, it’s been a long time since I was able to update this. Unfortunately, this will be a condensed version of my first weeks here. I am writing this from my re-assembled computer, in the second bedroom of the townhouse that we have rented. I am very happy – or would be, completely, if at least one of us was currently working!

The house is wonderful; it is a Victorian townhouse built in 1834. The front room, for company, has rose/gold/cream wallpaper and a dark, carved fireplace. The middle room is for family, eating, and watching TV (FOUR channels, only!!!), and has a second fireplace. The kitchen has been newly refitted with dark-green and brass fixtures, and has the original tile floor and a stable door leading into the garden, which needs a lot of work. Upstairs are the two bedrooms, one blue and one in Indian reds and yellows, with elephants. Hey, they came with the house. I love it – it’s a very beautiful place, and should the owner ever wish to sell, we would like to buy it.

We’ve been busy setting the house up, unpacking, and doing some minor exploring. As I said earlier, we made the trip down to Devon, and both of us preferred this area. There were a few nice villages, but the buildings had more “old world” charm here. Exeter has difficult to get a feel for, and there didn’t seem to be a “center,” or a heart, to the city. We got lost multiple times, driving in the sheeting rain on the largely one-way streets, and became discouraged. I think we made the right choice; it’s good to be close to Phil’s family, as they have been wonderful to us. If we can just find work, we will be very happy.

Click here for miscellaneous pics.

Click here for pics of Little Moreton and Haddon Halls.

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