Quick update, as most posts have been locked recently.

Worked Lizzie yesterday, and she’s concerning me a bit with her general lack of fitness/residual effects of the tying-up episode. Although the work that we’re doing is very easy, long warm-up and cool-down periods, bits of trot and canter with lots of stretching at walk, no tough questions or collection, yet she is still almost panting while we work, as though she’s extremely unfit. I can’t tell if it’s a pain reaction. She doesn’t seem to be off at all, it’s more a sense that the work overall is very difficult for her. Not sure what I should do. My instinct is to continue to build her up very slowly and carefully, and see if she can regain a normal state of fitness, but I could be damaging her. I’m just not sure.

It’s been raining and raining and raining. :(

On a better note, I’m working on some art projects again…I’ve not done that for ages. The high level of stress that I’m always under due to work kills all creative impulses.

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