It’s funny, but since moving Ravven and putting her into semi-retirement, I’ve been playing her more than Kitsune, when previously it was the opposite.  Part of it involves having transferred her without taking the time to collect all the primals, gold, etc., off the bank alt (she’s broke as a joke), and part of it involves having friends to play with.  We’ve been collecting our remaining keys, and will be running heroics to gear up.

Ravven has enough spellcloth to make her spellstrike, but only one primal might and no nethers, so it’s going to be quite expensive.  I levelled her skinning so that she could sell thick clefthoof leather, which should slowly earn some cash, and she’s also selling cloth.  She has just over 200g on her, which is disastrous.

I’m not sure what to do with Kit…I’d like to keep her on Moonglade, as I have friends there, but it would be so nice to have our little group of good tank, hunter/priest, me, and Miz’ DPS-god shaman to do runs with.  So tempting.

I find the whole hunter situation to be so distressing.  In all of the MMORPGs that I’ve played, there’s nothing that comes close to Warcraft hunters as a totally fun class to play.  Very effective, with high DPS, excellent crowd control, high survivability, and the bond with a special pet – which is one of the things that makes me enjoy Kit the most.  And can you get groups with a hunter?  Only if they’re desperate.  It’s very frustrating.

Well, that is my update.  No raiding, plenty of five-mans, and lots of grinding.  :)

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