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I’ve been playing with different templates for this blog, and customising templates on the hosted version of WordPress is a bit frustrating…so results have been very mixed.

Last night was another very frustrating BT raid, and I didn’t sign up for tonight. Several people had to be summoned in after still being in Stormwind after raid start time. There were people who couldn’t stay connected more than a minute at a time. There was a healer who suddenly announced that he was going afk for dinner, and he couldn’t be replaced as his character was still in the instance. There were people who were doing barely more dps than the hunter pets. There were stupid wipes. There were long waits while we replaced people or just sat for no explainable reason, while flasks and buffs ticked down. There was no healing on a lot of fights. It wasn’t fun, and when they asked for someone to give up a place so we could get a mage in for the Akama fight, I jumped at the chance, pleading a headache. I did have a headache, but basically I was just…bored.

All of this was posted on the forums, but the people who read the forums (with a couple of exceptions) aren’t the people who ruin it for everyone else. Bah.

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