I’ve been doing precious little gaming recently, with free time (where I’m not exhausted) being at a minimum. Hardly any EVE, and no Runes of Magic (poor Vanyel). I did, however, log in with everyone else to see the new Ulduar content.

To be honest, I was more interested in the new dailies than Ulduar. Although I think the vehicle mechanics in WotLK have been new and interesting, I personally suck at controlling vehicles, or dragons, or whatever. Miz loves Wintergrasp just because of the vehicles, and I rarely do that battleground because of it.

We only saw three bosses last night, as connection to the server was a bit flakey, addons weren’t working, and at least one of the bosses was bugged. We one-shotted the first boss, tried Ignis (the one that is currently bugged) and then spent the rest of the evening on Razorscale. We didn’t take him/her down, but it felt very doable.

It’s nice to see new content; people have been bored for a long time. But I think Tobold is correct in stating that there’s just not enough content per expansion. I agree that it’s very possible that Blizzard has WoW on a “minimal life-support cycle”, and is spending resources on upcoming games.

But for now? It’s nice to have some new challenges.

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