Two Things I Read

End of the day on Friday, tired, winding down after a day spent working on a cover that stubbornly refuses to come together, I am doing several things all together. I am playing a bit of The Secret World, doing quests solo in Transylvania and getting killed a lot. I am watching email. And I’m flipping through Twitter, the main demon of all procrastination demons. Here are two things that I saw, diverse things, but each wonderful in their own way.

First, a sublime poem by Catherynne M. Valente: A Great Clerk of Necromancy. Here is one dark candy taste for you, but go and read it all:

She wore that apron
and nothing else
on the solstice
thrusting her barcode-scanner at the sky
bellowing price-checks
in ancient tongues.
Like Morgan,
she had slept with her brother
given birth to a dark prince
under a winter moon.


And then a great rant by Mattplanet about Facebook on a subject that I totally agree with. And really…WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE!?!

“There are some times in life when you’ve just had enough. You’ve seen the people on your Facebook feed “like” one too many Paula Deen or Rush Limbaugh status updates, and it’s time to pull the plug with one final rant to end it all.”

That’s it…just two things that I just read. Two things which stuck in my mind on a day when I was very tired, frustrated, and looking forward to shutting down the PC, going downstairs, and having a big glass of cold cider. Happy Friday.

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