Twilight Zone

“I need you to set up the internet on my laptop.”

“Excuse me? You mean you need to be able to access your course files.”

“I mean I need the internet on my laptop so I can do work at home. I’ll pay for it.”

(decides not to even try to go into that one.) “Unfortunately you can’t work from home at the moment. You will be able to, in the future, but right now you can’t. If you put your work on disk I’ll upload it for you tomorrow.”

“That’s no good to me. I need these websites on my laptop.”

(thoroughly confused now, wondering if I’m talking to a student or a teacher or an escaped mental patient that someone put through to me as a joke.) “Ummn, perhaps the techs can help you.”

“All I want is to bring my laptop to you so you can set me up the internet on my laptop. I can bring it to you right now.”

“Tell you what…why don’t you come down here, show me what pages you want, and I’ll copy them on disk for you. Then you can work on them and bring the disk back to me.”

“I’m not understanding you. All I want is the internet on my laptop. I’m willing to pay for it!”

(more of the same, getting weirder and weirder.)

“Ok, I understand. Call Nathan or Matt and they’ll help you.”

Hahahahahaha…sorry, guys!

4 thoughts on “Twilight Zone”

  1. Tell him to meet you outside the building. When he approachs you, reach out and take the laptop out of his hand. Hand him a pamphlet on sterilization. Offer no explanation. Smile and walk away.

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