Trying New Things

Last night we went shopping for sirloin to BBQ (raid cancelled, yaay!) and also picked up some improbably coloured fruit with an irresistable name: Dragon Fruit. They were midly sweet, without a lot of taste, but worth trying just for the way they looked.

Following the “trying new things” theme, I’ve been thinking about doing a lot less raiding in WoW, and a lot more dinking around in AoC. I’m actually having fun now, and raiding is seeming more and more like a chore.

Dravven is out of Tortage, and I am so happy. I still had quests to turn in, but I finished the questline that ended with killing Strom (that was fun!) and she is presently sitting in Kemi. The beginngin section in Tortage was too long, I felt. A starting area that lasts twenty levels is much too long; it didn’t feel much like an MMO, and I understand that once you get out of Tortage it feels more like a real world.

That said, I’m having a lot of fun with her – she’s quite lethal, and the heals that I can throw on her before starting a boss fight ensure that she’ll probably get through it with too many deaths. I still get terribly lost, which is probably my biggest frustration with the game.

I’m looking forward to grouping with other players, to see how well she can dps and heal. I joined a guild, and although everyone else is quite high level in comparison, they all seem quite nice.

Which puts me in a bit of a quandary…I’m burned out with WoW and raiding right now, but that might be a temporary thing and I would hate to lose my place in the guild that I’m currently in. I can raid a bit less, and spend the rest of the time in AoC, which is probably what I’ll do. Give it some time, and see how things turn out.

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