Trion Fail

Well, evidently Trion fixed their UK issues…by disabling the latency meters so that latency shows a cozy, playably low number…too bad you can’t attack anything, talk to NPCs, etc. Awesome job. *sarcastic applause*

What is worse, the fix that we had come up with last night no longer works, so they’ve fucked that up as well. Friday night and unable to play. Trying to stave off nerdrage…failing…thinking about playing WoW or watching TV…must…succumb…to the rage.


EDIT: Evidently it’s an issue where you can play (laggy, but play) as long as there are no other players around you – according to the forums, and it seems to be correct. Now, if all these other guys would just log off…

And the next morning:

They appeared to have fixed it! I’m assuming that they actually worked with BT to fix it, as the only thing that BT might have agreed to is to exempt Rift from whatever their deep packet inspection decides to block. But anyway, hurrah!!! So I went and posted thanks and compliments on all of the threads that I’d complained on. :D

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