Trembling Baby Green Spring

It was spring today, all of a sudden. I know that we’ll have rain and cold weather again, I know that winter isn’t finished with us, but still…today was wonderful.

I worked straight through the day, trying to finish up the thousands of product photos that are currently the bane of my life. I didn’t take lunch, I didn’t go on a walk, I stayed glued to the computer. When I got to the stable, my whole body just kind of sighed and relaxed, all the tension going. The farm is going to be beautiful in summer when all of the trees are in leaf and the roses are in bloom. I can’t wait. The horses are content in the pastures. Even though someone had kicked the crap out of Kip (three overlapping hoofprints on his haunch), he was relaxed and mellow, standing in the sun, drying mud covering him from hooves to ears. There are daffodils everywhere, and tiny lambs in the fields.

Things are coming along well with the site; the new code has been posted by the template developers. After all of the “it’s not just JSP, and these guys will have to do their big bad proprietary voodoo magic” bullshit, it’s just code. I understand most of what they’ve done, and will start playing with writing new pages and adapting existing ones, fine-tuning the site. We’ll see if versioning really works, anyway, if I manage to break it. lol…just call me Runs With Scissors.

I want this to be a very good summer. I want to do all of the things that I said I would do last year, like travelling and sightseeing, going on another falconry day and going pony-trekking in Wales. If I can’t get Phil to go, I’ll just go alone. I want to enjoy the summer…I have such a funny feeling lately. Perhaps its just getting older and realising how fragile life is. I have a strong feeling that I need to do what I want to do now, and don’t let any more summers slide by unnoticed. I will not waste my life.

Maybe I’ll run away with the circus…that was always my dream as a child. Maybe I can convince the gypsies to steal me and take me away with them. Maybe I’ll go away with the fairies. Come to think of it, P. already thinks I’m away with the fairies, so I suppose I won’t have to travel very far. :)

(English to American translation: Away with the fairies means that you’ve lost your mind. As a guy at the stable said: “My mother is away with the fairies; she’s in a home for the elderly. We brought her home for Sunday dinner, and she looked around and commented that the service was really terrible. I just looked at her and said ‘You’re right, Mother, the service is really terrible here.’ Away with the fairies.” lol…

3 thoughts on “Trembling Baby Green Spring”

  1. Where I lived in Wales they do alot of pony treking, they also organise hacks for the more experienced riders. The area is beautiful, it is the black mountains/langorse area. Riding along the top of a ridge in the early morning mist is fantastic. I have used quite a few of the places on this site.

  2. wandringsoul

    The other less PC translation would be that you’ve left town with Lily Savage and friends…


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